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Tantric Massages for Men & Women

8 Years of Tantric Training, in a Two Hour Sensual Experience

Sensual Massage Melbourne’s professional masseuse Ivy works on all levels of the body to help release uncomfortable and unnatural conditioning of sexual life-energy. 

As our sexual life-energy becomes liberated through therapeutic sensual massage of the entire body (not just the genitals), we open ourselves up to experience a deeper state of relaxation, spiritual freedom, and full-body orgasmic sensations. 

When we feel connected to our sexual life-energy, we feel stronger, more confident, emotionally healthy and much more content in our lives. 

What Do Ivy's Massages Help With?

This is not a regular sensual massage. Ivy is highly trained in Tantric Massage to bring you a complete array of sensations and benefits.

Performance Anxiety

Full Body Orgasms

Low Sex Drive

Truly Relaxed Body & Mind

Much Deeper Pleasure

Premature Ejaculation

Emotional Contentment

Inability to Orgasm

How Is Sensual Massage Melbourne different from a normal sensual massage?

  • This tantric style massage works on deeper layers of the human body & creates long-term results.
  • You will experience more pleasure, throughout more of your body.
  • Tantric massage allows for a full expression of sexual energy.
  • The benefits experienced in Tantric massage reflect in love-making with our partners.

Escape From Melbourne's Crazy City Life ...

Ivy operates out of Melbourne CBD and Caulfield. She offers tantric massages for both women and men, and works with couples interested in exploring the art of tantra. She also trains individuals interested in Tantric Massage.


$ 500 / 120 Minutes

Ivy's Premium Sensual Tantric Massage

2 hours is the ideal time to dive deep and explore specific challenges you're having expanding your sexual life energy.

Ivy’s work goes to the core of our sexuality. She helps people unlock their potential for a healthy and orgasmic sexual life.

Free follow up 20 minute phone call.

Please note:

Please understand the nature of Ivy's service before contacting.

This is NOT a sexual service.

Emails asking for prices and details that are on the website will be ignored.

At least 12 hours notice required for all bookings.

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